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Looped Biodegradable Bamboo Skewers 120mm (Pack of 100)

£4.80 ex VAT
Whether skewering olives for a cocktail or kebabs at a barbecue, these 4 3/4" looped biodegradable bamboo skewers will help you to do so in a more sustainable and eye-catching way. Made from highly renewable bamboo, these skewers are incredibly eco-friendly and will not harm the Earth when they biodegrade. Using these skewers is therefore a great way to improve your green footprint and do that little bit more for the environment.

Colpac Recyclable Kraft Microwavable Soup Cups 350ml / 12oz (Pack of 500)

£77.26 ex VAT
Make preparing and serving soups, stews and hot drinks an easy task with these 12oz Colpac recyclable kraft microwavable soup cups. Safe for use in microwaves, these cups allow you to quickly warm or reheat your dishes and then immediately serve, saving your staff valuable time.

Colpac Compostable Kraft Food Trays

£32.46£39.18 ex VAT
For sustainable and practical food-to-go packaging, choose these Colpac compostable kraft food trays. These kraft food trays are made from recycled paperboard, which means they can be commercially composted within 16 weeks after use. This will help you and your customers to divert waste away from landfill, instead turning your used packaging into nutrient-rich compost that's used to grow plants.

Vegware 185-Series Compostable Bon Appetit Wide PLA-lined Paper Food Bowls

£89.58£106.38 ex VAT
Serve your food-to-go in sustainable packaging, with the Bon Appetit bowls from Vegware. Made from paperboard and a plant-based PLA lining, the bowls can be commercially composted along with your food waste after use. This will help both you and your customers to divert waste away from landfill sites - instead turning the pots into nutrient-rich compost that's used to grow plants!

Fiesta Disposable Coffee Cups Single Wall Black 340ml / 12oz

£3.90£55.98 ex VAT
Looking for disposable drinkware that’re as practical as they are stylish? Then these black coffee cups from Fiesta are perfect

Colpac Recyclable Kraft Gable Boxes Small (Pack of 125)

£53.74 ex VAT
For practical, reliable food-to-go packaging, choose these small Colpac recyclable kraft gable boxes. Made from sturdy paperboard for extra strength, these gable boxes will ensure your takeaway sandwiches, pastries and fast food stay protected when delivered to customers. And thanks to this strong construction, the boxes can safely carry large portions without breaking or ripping.

Colpac Zest Compostable Kraft Medium Salad Box 825ml/29oz (Pack of 250)

£77.26 ex VAT
The wedges are made from recyclable and sustainably sourced board, commercially compostable to EN13432 Product features Dimensions 120(H) x 160(W) x

Colpac Recyclable Kraft Microwavable Soup Cup Lids 450ml / 16oz (Pack of 500)

£108.62 ex VAT
Warm up hot food and drink in the microwave safely with these Colpac recyclable kraft microwavable soup cup lids. As these lids are made with venting holes, they will stop steam from building up in your 16oz soup cups when heated in the microwave. This reduces the risk of the lid bursting open and causing messy and dangerous hot food explosions.



Our bespoke design service has been used by some of the biggest names in the casual dining sector for a seamless, customisable application. Of course, you can also buy our products as standard, plain food packaging if necessary but it’s nice to have the option.


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